Pale Ale

500ml Bottle, Stainless Keg, Key Keg (Export), 5%


Perfection.......modest bunch aren't we! 

This pale ale is our session beer and is perfect for the sunday afternoon in the pub or round at a mates place with fish and chips.

This beer is a take on Britain’s traditional beer styles, styles that Andy is incredibily passionate about, and is best described as an English Pale Ale. Four malts produce the beer’s rich amber hue and biscuity, toffeeish and nutty flavours, while our London ale yeast contributes its own tart, berry-like signature. Resiny hops then cleanse the palate and dominate the beer’s emphatic finish.

Perfection Pale Ale is the ideal (or dare we overuse, perfect) match for:

  • Pizza
  • Fish and chips
  • Ploughman’s lunch of mature cheddar cheese and pickles .


Andy, Brian and Soren

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