Welcome to the Renaissance

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Award winning New Zealand craft beer producer, Renaissance Brewing, is situated in the heart of Marlborough

 wine country at the top of New Zealand's south island. Our aim is to make beers that rival our grape based cousins.  We produce top end, ultra premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses. Our beers are made from the pure waters that flow from the southern alps and we only use locally grown hops from our own backyard.   

We do not make sugar water, in fact unlike most commercial beers we only use the naturally occuring sugars from malted barley. We do not compromise on flavour and believe that teaspoons of sugar should only be added to cups of tea.

We invite you to find out more about our beers and the nice people who make them. 










We will shortly be undertaking Equity Crowdfunding with Snowball Effect.  Click here to sign up for more information.

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