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Empathy 330ml

Light IPA

The Empathy 330ml Story

In 2014 we undertook a strategic session with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise which was focused on customer Empathy.  Around that time our then Chairman, Gareth, had been chuntering away that he would like to see us produce a beer that he could have more than one of before he drove home for the local pub.

What better way to start understanding customer Empathy than listen to the guy who heads the company! Common sense prevailed and we decided to task our brewers with trying to make a low ABV beer that had stacks of flavour.

The result is a lower alcohol India Pale Ale that uses as many hops as some of our much larger beers.  These hops from Nelson and Motueka provide a nice fruity bitterness that results in a very approachable, very tasty craft beer, but at only 2.4% ABV. 

In 2015 Empathy was voted best low alcohol beer in New Zealand by the folks at Consumer NZ and one even one battle hardened craft beer commentator described it as a very good craft beer, despite the wimpy new age name!  No higher praise indeed. 

Gareth we listened, that’s Empathy.   

Empathy 330ml Light IPA

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