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Paradox 12 Pack


The Paradox 12 Pack Story

A revamp of our original Paradox - which was a Blonde Ale - we have made some tweaks to the yeast of fermentation to bring you the new, improved, Paradox Pilsner.

Although the Pilsner is not the most cerebral of our beers it is one of our most popular efforts as it combines craft brewing philosophy with easy drinking acumen.

As soon as you flip the top off the bottle you know you’re in for something special. While the bright golden hue hints at a great quaffing beer, the explosion of passionfruit and citrus aromas - the signature of the Riwaka hop variety - leave you in no doubt you’re in for more than mere refreshment. On the palate the initial biscuity malt sweetness is soon joined by those zingy tropical fruit hop notes and leads into a racy tart finish.

This beer is flavour-packed yet crisp and thirst quenching - that’s the paradox! When your thirst is finally slaked try another glass with:

  • Barbecued seafood
  • Marlborough green lipped mussels
  • Freshly caught scallops

Replace your <enter generic mass produced, flavourless pale lager here> with a Paradox

Paradox 12 Pack Pilsner

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4% 12x440ml

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