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Your Cart Beer Club Renaissance is an award winning craft brewery based out of Marlborough, New Zealand

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Located in Blenheim, in the heart of the gourmet province of Marlborough, New Zealand, the Renaissance brewery crafts intensely rewarding ales for the enlightened palate.

The brewery is situated at the old Grove Mill on Dodson St, which is the oldest commercial building in Blenheim.  Over the years it has housed an ice cream factory, a malt house, two very famous Marlborough wineries (Grove Mill and Whitehaven) and for the past 15 years a craft brewery.

The brewery is HACCP accredited and has stringent assurance systems in place to ensure product quality.

Here are some quick facts about the brewery:

  • 18 cellar tanks which give us 67,000 litres of bright beer holding capacity. 
  • 9 fermentation tanks for brewing 36,000 litres.  
  • Grain mill is over 100 years-old
  • Kegging, Bottling and canning all done on-site
  • Contract Brewing for other NZ brands also  
  • Equipment likes delicate tender loving care
  • Our spent grain goes to feed pigs, cows and sheep locally 

Unfortunately we don't have brewery tours but our Local Brew Pub is next door where you can see inside the brewery while we brew! 

Renaissance Brew Pub Dodson Street Beer Garden - Located next to Brewery 1 Dodson Street.  

www.dodsonstreet.co.nz / Facebook: Dodson Street Beer Garden

Sahara New Zealand Limited

1 Dodson Street, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

0508 468 688 - orders@brandhouse.co.nz

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