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Your Cart Beer Club Renaissance is an award winning craft brewery based out of Marlborough, New Zealand

Recent Awards & Accolades


BGNZ Awards(2016)

Gold: Empathy Light IPA

Wild Tomato Awards (2016)

Trophy: Champion Brewery

New World Beer and Cider Awards (2016)

Gold Medal: Tribute Barley Wine 2013

Consumer New Zealand (2015)

Trophy: Empathy, Champion Low Alcohol Beer 

New World Beer and Cider Awards (2015)

Trophy: Stonecutter, Champion Strong Ale

Australian International Beer Awards (May 2014)

Trophy: Champion International Small Brewery

Brewers Guild of NZ Beer Awards (August 2013)

Trophy:  Champion New Zealand Brewery

Trophy:  British Ale Styles: Tribute

Trophy:  Wheat and Other Grain Styles: Black the RIPA

Australian International Beer Awards (May 2013)

Trophy: Champion International Small Brewery

Trophy: Best Scotch Ale and Barley Wine: Tribute 2011

Stephen Beaumont (January 2012)

Australasian Brewery of the Year

RateBeer Best (January 2012)

Gold Medals:  Marlborough Pale Ale, Elemental Porter, Stonecutter Scotch Ale

BrewNZ International Beer Awards (August 2011)

Gold Medals:  Elemental Porter

Australian International Beer Awards (May 2011)

Trophy: Champion Stout - Craftsman Oatmeal Chocolate Stout

RateBeer Best (January 2011)

Gold Medals:  Elemental Porter, Stonecutter Scotch Ale




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